Monday, August 15, 2016

What Professors really do over the Summer "Break"

Over the summer months, STU professors keep themselves busy inside and outside of the classroom. Check out their summer extracurricular activities below!
Dr. Darrell Arnold
  • Completing an edited volume for Palgrave/MacMillan on Critical Theory and the Philosophy of Andrew Feinberg (Winter 2016). 
  • International teaching in Hefei, China.
  • Developed two public lectures for Fathom Cruise Line's Impact cruise to the Dominican Republic. This was part of the “Mindful Living Lecture Series” of their onboard spa by Steiner.
          o   Pathways to Wellness: Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Its Connection to Healthy   
              Living; and Nurturing the Eco: Well-being of Self, Society and Environment. 
Susan Buzzi
  • Arts Educator for 21st Century Programming with North Miami High School.
  • Contributor to the Miniaci Family Lead Now Summer Institute program, and STU’s Human Trafficking Academy with "Healing Through Art" art work.
  • Created a series of posters for the STU’s Human Trafficking Academy and film entitled "Responsibility and Vigilance."
Dr. Walter J. Cegelka
  • Text has been accepted for publication: Cegelka, W., Payne, J. and Harges, A. (2016) Fearless Public Speaking: 8 Secrets to Masterful Presentations. Sentia Publishing.
Fr. Alfred Cioffi, STh.D., Ph.D.
  • Published a peer-reviewed article on The Bioethical Distinction between Assisting or Substituting Vital Organs at the End of Human Life, in the journal Ethics and Medics.
  • Launched a new Master's in Bioethics at St. Thomas University, starting this Fall 2016. For more information, click here.
Dr. Eugenia Ferrero
  • Ph.D. conferred August 9, 2016 – titled “Case Study of the “No On 37” Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme: Public Relations Strategies & Tactics, Ethically Problematic Communication, and the First Amendment.
Dr. Bryan Froehle and Sr. Ondina Cortes, Ph.D.
  • Presented papers at the Latin American Studies Association Congress in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Hagai Gringarten
  • Served as a judge during an annual marketing competition at the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference, New Orleans, 2016.
  • Conference presentation: “Marketing Student Research: From Thought to Print.” In Mint Your Future: AMA International Collegiate Conference Faculty Proceedings 2016, ed. by Donna Coelho. Chicago, IL.: American Marketing Association, 2016.
  • Forthcoming publication: Hagai Gringarten, Raúl Fernández-Calienes, and Nina Q. Rose. “Publication Talks and Book Review Workshops: Spotlighting Faculty Publication, Emerging Authors, and Book Reviews as an Effective Personal Branding Strategy.” In Library Outreach to Writers and Poets: Interviews and Case Studies of Cooperation, ed. by Carol Smallwood and Vera Gubnitskaia. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2016.
  • Developed, planned, promoted, organized and led a highly successful study abroad trip to Israel.
Dr. Gurvirender Tejay
  • (Co-author) “Examining Information Privacy Paradox Through Cognitive Perspective.” Poster presented at 24th European Conference on Information Systems, Istanbul, Turkey, June 12-15, 2016.
  • (Chair for Mini-track titled “Cybercrime and Information Security Strategy,” 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems, San Diego, USA, August 11-14, 2016.
  • (Co-author) Completed research manuscript titled “Improving Information Security Through Reduced Incongruity of Risk Perceptions: A Dialogical Action Research study.”

Msgr. Terry Hogan, S.L.D.
  • Asked by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to speak on the History and Practice of Liturgical Ministries in San Antonio, Texas.
Dr. Giselle Jamison
  • Contributed to: Jamison, G. D. Cambio en Cuba: ¿Económico, democrático o cultural? In Convivencia #51 p. 42, May-June 2016. Also in
  • Submitted for publication to the Florida Political Chronicle - Jamison: G.D. The U.S. Immigration System: Broken, but Can't Fix It! Why any Comprehensive Immigration Reform Law is D.O.A. under the Obama Administration.
Dr. Jennifer Kryszak
  • Published in Ecclesial Practices - "A Theology of Transformation: Catholic Sisters and the Visual Practice of Church.”
  • Attended the Science for Seminaries Retreat in August 2016, which is sponsored by the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) program at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Dr. David Quesada
  • Coordinator of the SRI 2016. A total of 64 students, 44 from STU and 20 from MDC, participated in the 2016 edition of the Summer Research Institute. As a result of the partnership with MDC, a sufficient amount of instrumentation was purchased and will benefit different programs we offer at the School of STEM. For more information on the SRI program, click here.
  • Coordinator of the Science Lecture Series "Moving Into the Future." A lecture series organized for the first time at the School of STEM on a weekly basis. A total of 10 external speakers were invited in kind to present at the School of STEM.
  • Presented three oral presentations for the Ibero-American Conference on Nanotechnology to take place in Peru Aug. 1 - 5, 2016. The titles of the presentations are: "Nanotechnologies plus Informatics: Nanoinformatics;" "Learning about Nanosciences through Modeling and Simulations;" "Impact of nanoparticle size distribution on the performance of quantum dots-based solar cells."
  • Nominated an award in education and technology, presented by the Wolfram Research, one of the leading companies in the use of computer technologies in science, education and industry.
  • Two oral presentations were accepted to be presented during the Annual Conference on Science, Education and Technologies, organized by the Wolfram Research, taking place Oct. 18 - 21, in Urbana-Champaign. The titles of the presentations are: "Understanding the associations leading to the asthma prevalence in South Florida;" "Analysis of brain networks and its association with epilepsy."
  • Liaison person and USA representative for the network NANODYF, a scientific organization aimed at promoting Nanosciences among Hispanic serving institutions, and operating over the entire Ibero-America.
  • Per appointment of Dr. Vynne, coordinating the efforts with the College of Engineering of FIU to update the requirements of the 2+2 program in engineering. Additionally, he presented a feasibility study on the implementation of an engineering track at STU.
Dr. Pilar Maul
  • With the assistance of Mr. Carlos Vazquez, received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The iCATCH grant (Innovative Curriculum for Agriculture Training and Career for Hispanics) was written and developed in collaboration with Florida International University. This grant is a follow-up of the agricultural grant that was awarded to STU from 2011 to 2015 called the Florida Caribbean Consortium For Agriculture Education and Hispanic Workforce Development (FCCAgE). With total funds of $250,000 for 4 years, iCATCH will strengthen institutional education capacities to respond to the needs of underrepresented students and prepare them for careers in food and agricultural sciences. In addition, it will strengthen cooperative initiatives between two or more Hispanic-serving Institutions. The iCATCH grant will begin Sept. 1, 2016.
  • As part of the SRI 2016, Dr. Maul’s students have worked throughout the summer to finish experiments on the identification of genes associated with drought tolerance in native potatoes from Peru, a project lead by the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. A draft of the results for publication in a peer-review journal is underway. Dr. Maul just came back from visiting her Peruvian collaborators and has secured two additional research collaborative projects with them. This will allow STU students to travel to Peru for internships at the Genomics Laboratory in that University.
  • Dr. Maul has established a collaborative project with Dr. Jose Lopez from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center to study the microbial community associated with the use of organic fertilizers in the STU Organic garden. Mr. Carlos Vazquez and SRI 2016 students have carried on a study on a novel vegetable used in Asian and Hawaiian cuisine called the Okinawa Spinach, which has high nutritional and medicinal values. The collaboration with NSU will allow the study of microbial communities that enhance the cultivation of this crop optimal and will open possibilities of summer internships for STU students.
Dr. Stephanie Maynard-Patrick
  • Co-Authored, "Contextualizing Work Relationships through Barriers and Pathways to Reciprocation: When Context Determines Direct Payback Isn’t Enough" and was submitted to the Academy Of Management Review Special issue for Work Relationships.
  • "Student Led Learning in Human Resource Development" - sole authored and was submitted to the Management Education Review.
Dr. Michael Mulvey
  • Mulvey, M. (2016, March). The Problem that had a name: French high-rise developments and the fantasy of a suburban homemaker pathology. Gender & History, 1954–73. Dr. Mulvey’s article studies the intersection of Catholicism with real estate development in postwar France.
  • Mulvey, M. (Summer 2016). Jules Vallès and Séverine: French political culture and a late-nineteenth century subversive cross-sex friendship. Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques. The article explores gender, revolutionary politics, and Catholic mysticism.
  • Book review of Nicole C. Rudolph's At Home in Postwar France: Modern Housing and the Right to Comfort to appear in the peer-reviewed Franco-American H-France Review (June 2016).
  • Dr. Mulvey spent the month of July at the Institute for Advanced Studies on the campus of Indiana University: Bloomington and in New Orleans at Loyola University thanks to the generous support of a competitive fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He worked with a group of 25 scholars from across the United States of America and the African continent on the theme of "Arts of Survival: Recasting Lives in African Cities". Dr. Mulvey presented on a research project entitled "Spaces of Tropical Freedom: Architecture, Citizenship, and Property in the Francophone Caribbean after Slavery.”
  • Selected by the American Committee on Minority Historians to represent the nation's Hispanic Serving Institutions in Denver, Colorado at the 2017 American Historical Association Annual Conference. Dr. Mulvey will represent the only HSI on a panel with faculty from HBCUs exploring the theme "History at Minority-Serving Institutions: Strategies and Opportunities.” 
  • Continued working on an introduction for his major project, The Moral Moment: Catholics and the Housing Question in Postwar France, in preparation for the submission of a book proposal.
Dr. Josie Oramas
  • Became certified as a clinical trauma professional.
  • Completed a literature review on Haitian Immigrant children and youth (as a Research Assistant)
  • Review of the book Driven by difference: How great companies fuel innovation through diversity, by David Livermore (to be published by the end of August in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research).
  • Currently working on article regarding ethical issues in school counseling.
Dr. Jose Rocha
Projects in progress to be completed in the Fall 2016 semester:
  • Networks to Connect People and Communities Of Practice: The Competitive Advantage Of Organizational Culture And Knowledge Management. Authors: Jose Rocha, Lisa J. Knowles, and Paul D. Maxwell.
  • A Literature Review in Knowledge Sharing in Highly Dynamic Changing Environments: Social Media, StartUps, and Innovation. Authors: Jose Rocha, Justin Peart, and Lisa J. Knowles
Dr. Frank Sicius
  • Reviewed, edited and made suggestions on a manuscript (a biography of Catholic Social Activist Peter Maurin) for University of Notre Dame Press.
  • Wrote a review of a new biography of Dorothy Day by Peter Jordan for the Journal of The American Catholic Historical Society.
  • Completed a chapter on his current work on the building of the Key West extension Railway.
Dr. Alberto Varela
  • Accomplished the MOU with UCM, Spain. This collaboration will bring new opportunities to STU such as research, student and professor exchange programs, and international recognition.
  • Participated as a guest host on a radio talk show highlighting the community’s voice (Voces de las Comunidades, La Poderosa 670 AM) in which he discussed solar energy options for the community and promoted the Solar Energy Project at STU.
  • Provided a guided tour of the Solar Station for local students and other members of the community.

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