Friday, May 15, 2015

New Art on Display @ STU

It is a burst of color on the walls of the Sardiñas Art Gallery at St. Thomas University.  COLOR COLOR COLOR, a collection of paintings by Blanca Daw, is now on exhibit at the Sardiñas Art Gallery, the gallery named in honor of St. Thomas University’s beloved late Father Jorge Sardiñas, architect of the University’s beautiful Chapel of Saint Anthony and former art professor at St. Thomas.
Born in Argentina and trained as an architect, Blanca Daw creates dramatic poetic visions using bold, strong blocks of colors. The chromatic elements of her paintings combined with strong, definitive shapes tend to stop the viewer and grab attention.
“The rich palette creates an emotional impact,” explained Sardiñas Gallery Director and Curator Gail Casale. “The paintings are clean, arranged, and detailed with harmonious shapes and complex areas of color.”

Daw has exhibited throughout the United States and her pieces are showing in private collections throughout the world. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of artwork is used to support the Sardiñas Art Gallery. The Sardiñas Gallery features works from the University’s private collection, as well as traveling exhibits from local, national and international artists.
    Artist, Blanca Daw and Curator, Gail Casale 

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