Thursday, February 12, 2015

Library Launches Permanent Exhibit of Faculty Publications

Toni Morrison once said that “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” 

At St. Thomas University, the distinguished faculty and staff has dutifully taken those words to task, producing scholarly publications that range the gamut from mental health to theology, to cancer and stem cell research. 

An exhibit housing a permanent collection of the works of these faculty authors is now featured prominently at the University Library, and their works available for reading. 

Below is a partial listing of books and articles published in 2014. For a list of all published works in the Faculty Authors Collection , click here.

2014 Publications


  • Rubin, L. & Schwitzer, A. (2014). Diagnosis and treatment planning skills for mental health professionals: A popular culture casebook approach. New York: Sage.
  • Sicius, F. (2014). Progressive era: A reference guide. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio.

Editor of a Book:

  • Darrell, A. (2014). Traditions of system theory: Major figures and contemporary developments. New York: Routledge. [also author of chapter one “Systems theory: A secret history of the Twentieth Century pp. 3-9]. 

Guest Editors of Journals:

  • Arnold, D., (Ed.). (2014). (Guest Editor). Humanities and Technology Review, 33 (Fall).
  • Rubin, L. (Ed.). (2014). Mental health and illness in American culture. Journal of American Culture-Special Issue, 37(1), 1-73.

Chapters in Books:

  • Cahalan, K., & Froehle, B. T. (2014). A developing discipline: The Catholic voice in practical theology. In C. E. Wolfteich (Ed.), Invitation to Practical Theology: Catholic Voices and Visions. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  • Gringarten, H., Fernández-Calienes, R. (2014, January). How to Write and Publish a Book Review in a Marketing Journal. Strategic Management Review, 8(1), 109-123.
  • Hox, V., Steelant, W., Fokkens, W., Nemery, B., & Hellings, P. W. (2014). Occupational upper airway disease: how work affects the nose. Allergy, 69(3), 282-291.
  • Grandmont-Gariboldi, N. (2014). On the significance of REITs in international portfolios: A U.S. perspective. Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 10(2).
  • Guo, Y., Şengür, A., and Ye, J., (2014). A novel image thresholding algorithm based on neutrosophic similarity score. Measurement, 58, 175-186.
  • Van Slambrouck, S., & Steelant, W. F. A. (2014). 1-O-Octadecyl-2-O-Methylglycero-3-phosphocholine (Edelfosine) and cancer cell invasion: A short review. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 14(4), 539-544.
  • Risley, V. A., Henry, S., Kosyrikhina, M. V., Manzanares, M. R., Payan, I., Downer, C. D., Hellman C.C., Van Slambrouck, S. & Frolova, L. V. (2014). 4-amino-2-aryl-3-cyano-1, 2-dihydropyrimido-[1, 2-a] benzimidazoles and their pyrimidine analogs as new anticancer agents. Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 50(2), 185-194.
  • Van Slambrouck, S., Groux-Degroote, S., Krzewinski-Recchi, M. A., Cazet, A., Delannoy, P., & Steelant, W. F. A. (2014). Carbohydrate-to-carbohydrate interactions between alpha2, 3-linked sialic acids on alpha2 integrin subunits and asialo-GM1 underlie the bone metastatic behavior of LNCAP-derivative C4-2B prostate cancer cells. Bioscience reports, 34(5), 546-557.
  • Jiang, X. (2014). Chinese biology teaching assistants’ perception of their English proficiency: An exploratory case study. The Qualitative Report, 19(42), 1-24.
  • Tapanes-Castillo, A., Shabazz, F., M’boge, M., Vajn, K., Oudega, M., and Plunkett, J.A. (2014).Characterization of a novel primary culture of adult zebrafish brainstem cells. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 223, 11-19.

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